Wednesday, April 27, 2016

College Acceptance Calculator

Plutarch once said, “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” In highs school we spend most of our time trying to figure out what is it that our parents are pushing us to fulfill.
Rather it being the gift of being accepted into a good college or, seeking a job; with every situation we go through in life, there is always a process. In the journey of my high school experience I encountered the procedure of applying to go to College. It was the taking the appropriate approach to put my goals ahead of what I thought was important. Getting into college required excelling in my classes rather than just procrastinating around with my fellow classmates. During these years of my life I forced myself to spend countless hours on afterschool studies and experiments. I prepared myself in class by asking questions about topics that I found difficult and taking effective notes. At times when I couldn’t understand I stayed after to comprehend more about the subject. There was also times when I felt I needed to ask for extra credit if offered. It was vital to maintain my grades, and try my best on every assignment I was given. Colleges pick students who are most competitive in academics. In order to be considered for acceptance at a four year college it required taking the SAT. This test was an exam that didn’t require all subjects that we learned in school. This was a test specifically designed for math, reading, and writing. This exam is designed to see which individual can score the highest. The SAT is a huge indicator on the scale of getting accepted into college. The problems that are asked are meant to be easy, because you can find the answer in the text or plugging the answer back in Robinson2 the equation. To score high on the SAT it is important that you try to answer all the questions, because any blank question will be counted against you. The SAT requires using skills that you learned in class and apply it to the problem. Numerous hours are put in in by students in order to perfect higher scores. 

Colleges put a lot of emphasis on these test, because they want to make sure they select the best group of individuals to attend there institution. In addition, another important aspect of being accepted into college is extra curriculum activities. When admissions determine college applicants they look into how the students get involved in and outside of school. Extra curriculum activities can include clubs, sports, or other activities. It is important to be involved in these activities, because colleges like to see a well-rounded person and not just a student who is academically smart. When students are involved in sports it could enable them to get a scholarship with a university. Being involved in clubs opens up doors for new opportunities. Extra curriculum is easy to be associated with if you ask for the time and dates when each specific one meets. Consequently, dedication is the key to success, but education unlocks the doors. Although high school might seem as if there is no point, it is one of the most important factors of our life. It is the step in our lives that leads the way for the next one. Grades play a major role in getting accepted into college, because they follow you even if you were to transfer to a different school. Extra curriculum activities play a role in college because they open up doors to internships, and different networks. Getting a valuable education is the best investment anyone can make in their life. Getting an education requires trial and error ,and is one of the steps we can use to change the world.

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